April 2, 2018


Sadly a good Brazilian pilots suffered a fatal accident in Quixadá today at the beginning of the day. Hard to say what happens, He was experienced and used to fly in a area with strong conditions, but I guess he made a enormous mistake, he changed the wing in the place and I do not know if he know such kind of wing, by the flight historic it seems he did not. Unfortunately now is late for any analysis, I did spread the new because is hi=gh season and to lets the pilot going there consider cautiously the equipment they want to use and the proficiency and training they have which such equipment. Quixadá is not the right place to go with a new wing. From the short notice I received the accident was near the take off but after the take off probably in the big rock ridge where the pilot wait the right cycle,he got a closure and the wind or the wing lets him impact the stone. at high speed I guess, usually the take off area is not the worst part of the trip, I am convinced he had not to use such equipment. R.I.P. Here a video of 2015.

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