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I wish Ars had a "Random Questions" Forum. But it doesn`t so I turn to the Lounge.
Updated with real world examples and analysis (is this correct?):
1999 Camry:
Front/Rear: P185/70R14
Manufacturer recommends: P195/70R14 or P205/65R15
185mm width*.7 = 129.5mm height
195mm width*.7 = 136.5mm height
The height is ~95% what it should be, so I can keep the tires like they are for now. Once the tires wear out I should replace them with P195/70R14 tires. I can use the old set of wheels with the new tires, since the current tires are R14 and presumably are supported by the wheels.
1999 VW Cabrio:
Front: 185/65R14
Rear: 195/60R14
Manufacturer recommends: 185/60R14 or 195/60R14
The front tires are worn out anyway, so they should be replaced with 195/60R14.
Is my analysis OK?

Please help.

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