February 27, 2017

Okay, I never thought that I will have to tow something with my Hummer... I mean, I am fine with towing, not a problem, and I even used to tow a huge trailer with my F-150 I had. Now, I do not think that the H1 is the right vehicle for towing. Apparently, everything happens... So now I`ve got a mid-size trailer that I have to tow to another city. It is not big, and I`d rather do that with my pickp truck (F-150), yet it was sold a couple of weeks ago, which I start regreting, as it was equipped the right way for towing. Now, I have to install the new lighting and stuff onto the rear end of my trailer (which I have got already, by the way https://www.carid.com/trailer-lights/).

And I was wondering, is it a must to have the license plate lit on the trailer as well? Or, if I don`t get it in, is it a subject for getting a ticket form police?