January 6, 2010

Howdy everyone!

So we got the new year off to a bang with the new internal email system. There is much more to come and I will announce it here as we go. Some things right around the corner:

  • Classifieds! We are working on integrating a classified system so members can get more response if they want to sell parts or trucks or lamps or howitzers...you know whatever is laying around the house.

  • Rich text widget for forums, mail and chapter headers and footers. This means you will be able to add photos and color and lots of other stuff with a handy word like menu.

Bigger projects in the works:

  • New Galleries: I know this has been promised for two years now but we are serious about making this work...seriously....no fooling. It is a big job though so hang on just a little longer we promise it will be worth it.

  • New Profiles: I can`t say much about this but I promise this will be the answer to your mod issues and many other problems with our current system. Again big job so like all big jobs they always take longer then you plan but the pay off will be huge.

So expect great things from 2010 and happy trucking.

Note: I will be tracking this thread so feel free to put comments here about tech stuff. I.E. Bugs, wish list, etc.